Basic Structure of the DAO


The basic unit of governance for Fingerprints DAO is the $PRINTS token, represented as an ERC20 smart contract under the following address:

There are 10 million total $PRINTS in existence, with about 31% of them held in the DAO's treasury at the time of writing. A live breakdown of $PRINTS outstanding (versus those held in the treasury) can be queried directly from the blockchain on Dune.

The complete live table of $PRINTS ownership can be found on Etherscan.

$PRINTS enable holders to participate in the governance of Fingerprints through voting on proposals put forth by the community. Discussions on formal proposals are held in our Discourse forum with token-weighted voting taking place through our Snapshot page.

Multi-Sig Vaults System

Fingerprints' assets are held in multi-signature vaults using the decentralized app Gnosis Safe.

Multi-signature vaults are smart contracts whose transactions need to be approved by multiple predetermined signers.

Fingerprints' vault signers execute transactions as decided by the community and approved in our Snapshot proposals. This current system is a transitory one, as Fingerprints' prepares to move to an on-chain binding governor contract system.

The addresses for Fingerprints' vaults are available on the Financials page.

Governor Contract

A governor contract is a binding governance mechanism in which assets are held in a vault whose transactions are determined by voting from all holders of a specific token, such as $PRINTS.

Such a system is more robust, direct, and further trust-minimized, compared to Fingerprints' current multi-sig vaults configuration. We're currently studying options to make a seamless and safe transition of our treasury.

Working Group Framework

In its current organizational design, Fingerprints is divided into working groups with specific mandates to perform work for the DAO.

Working groups are formed through the submission of working group formation proposals by Fingerprints members, in which they can choose whatever compensation structure they prefer to perform the work proposed.

Upon approval by the DAO, working groups are made official and the resources are transferred as budgeted so the work can begin. Occasional review of results and reporting are done by facilitators, who are responsible for mediating the relationship between working groups and the DAO.

Fingerprints Forum

Important discussions are centered around the Fingerprints Discourse forum, which is open for all to participate — member or non-member.

We welcome any and all discourse.

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