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Fingerprints Studio Mandate

Alongside the DAO’s primary activity of collecting significant works of blockchain art, we also partner with artists to release new NFT projects. In the past, we have released projects with Arihz, John F. Simon Jr, Gremplin, Aaron Penne, and terra0.

Fingerprints Studio is a brand new branch of Fingerprints DAO, created with the purpose of building on this experience and becoming a trusted partner for artists to deliver new projects with. Through this initiative, the DAO will commission artworks that explore the creative possibilities of blockchain and work alongside artists to see those projects through from inception to completion.

In doing so, we aim to expand the audience of this exciting new field of artistic practice, offering a gallery-like support system for the artists we collect and launch projects with.

Past Projects

These are the contract addresses of Fingerprints Studio's past projects:

More infomartion is available directly at the Fingerprints Studio page.

Upcoming Launches

Upcoming studio launches are listed at the Fingerprints Studio page.

Members of the DAO will always have first notice and early access to drops.

Contact Us

If you're an artist aspiring to partner with Fingerprints, you can reach out to the Fingerprints Studio team in our Discord or through the Fingerprints Discourse.

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