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The vaults belonging to Fingerprints are the following:

Treasury Breakdown

The live breakdown of the current Fingerprints treasury is available on Dune.
More information about our NFT collection is available on our site.


Fingerprints has completed four phases of funding:
Amount Raised
Phase 0
Jan 2021
Initial funding by founding members, many of which contributed Autoglyph NFTs in exchange for $PRINTS.
100% Individuals
Phase 1
May 2021
Private phase welcoming select crypto-native entrepreneurs, artists, developers, and collectors to help decide how to expand the Fingerprints collection.
100% Individuals
Ξ500 / 1m $PRINTS
Phase 2
May 2021
Private phase allowing select members and contributors to join at different tiers.
100% Individuals
Ξ200 / 200k $PRINTS
Phase 3
August 2021
First phase with institutional capital participation, with a nearly even split with select individuals.
51% VC 49% Individuals
Ξ1,707 / 683k $PRINTS
Phase 4
May 2022
Most recent phase, concluded in 2022.
100% VC
Ξ1,247 / 227k $PRINTS
Phase 3 VC investors include:
  • a16z
  • USV
  • Divergence
  • Variant
  • Consensys Mesh
  • The LAO
  • Pixel Vault
Phase 4 VC investors include:
  • a16z
  • USV
  • Wintermute
Currently there are no plans for additional funding rounds.
More details are available on the Fingerprints Blog.

Fingerprints Studio Performance

Fingerprints Studio projects generate revenue through both primary sales (at the time of minting) and secondary sales fees. More details are available on the Fingerprints Studio page.
The live revenue generated by the studio can be queried on Dune.
Fingerprints Studio Revenue

Finance Team

The finance working group members are available for inquiries, questions, etc. Find them in the Fingerprints Discord:
Lead: glory (Discord: glory#5406)