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The vaults belonging to Fingerprints are the following:

Treasury Breakdown

The live breakdown of the current Fingerprints treasury is available on this spreadsheet, including a valuation of the Fingerprints Collection.


Fingerprints has completed four phases of funding:

StageDateDescriptionBreakdownAmount Raised

Phase 0

Jan 2021

Initial funding by founding members, many of which contributed Autoglyph NFTs in exchange for $PRINTS.

100% Individuals


Phase 1

May 2021

Private phase welcoming select crypto-native entrepreneurs, artists, developers, and collectors to help decide how to expand the Fingerprints collection.

100% Individuals

Ξ500 / 1m $PRINTS

Phase 2

May 2021

Private phase allowing select members and contributors to join at different tiers.

100% Individuals

Ξ200 / 200k $PRINTS

Phase 3

August 2021

First phase with institutional capital participation, with a nearly even split with select individuals.

51% VC 49% Individuals

Ξ1,707 / 683k $PRINTS

Phase 4

May 2022

Most recent phase, concluded in 2022.

100% VC

Ξ1,247 / 227k $PRINTS

Phase 3 VC investors include:

  • a16z

  • USV

  • Divergence

  • Variant

  • Consensys Mesh

  • The LAO

  • Pixel Vault

Phase 4 VC investors include:

  • a16z

  • USV

  • Wintermute

Currently there are no plans for additional funding rounds.

More details are available on the Fingerprints Blog.

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