Curatorial Thesis

We believe art that is foundational, innovative, and made possible by this new medium is more likely to retain value in the long run due to its uniqueness and substance. These attributes render them inimitable and irreplaceable, qualities present in all art that has stood the test of time.

When people look back to the genesis of the NFT art market, specific collections will stand out as groundbreaking for making innovative use of the blockchain for artistic expression. These are the works we intend to collect.

These can be contrasted to NFT artworks which utilize the blockchain in more common ways, using link pointers to images or transaction hashes for randomness. These make use mainly of NFT technology’s commercial advantages, drawing limited artistic influence from other novel aspects of the technology.

Curation System

The Curation Committee, elected by the Fingerprints community, oversees all acquisitions. Artworks are assessed by the Committee according to a framework composed of four categories. The work must exhibit at least one of these qualifications in either form or concept:

This framework reflects our belief that art is essential for helping us understand blockchain’s growing importance in the world.

Current Collection

Our live collection and gallery can be seen on the Fingerprints site.

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