What is Fingerprints?

Founded in 2021, Fingerprints is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) dedicated to collecting, curating, and creating significant artistic works leveraging blockchain technology (blockchain art).

We are passionate about supporting artists, fostering experimentation, and educating the world about this emerging field of artistic practice and the technology that underpins it.

How Fingerprints Began

Assembled by a small group led by Luiz (DT) and Shira, Fingerprints collected 20 Autoglyphs over the course of several months in 2021 (including types one through seven), amounting to four percent of the total supply. The DAO now holds 26, making it the third largest Autoglyph collection in the world.

Fingerprints was concepted as a DAO first and a collection second. The intent was to build a living organism that can evolve and adapt, well beyond the scope of the initial collection. While the DAO continues to collect artworks, the DAO has also commissioned artworks, incubated other DAOs, and more.

The Fingerprints Collection

We collect artworks that explore the creative possibilities of blockchain and commission new projects by notable digital artists.

The Fingerprints Collection includes canonical blockchain artworks by Larva Labs, Rhea Myers, Mitchell F Chan, Sarah Meyohas, 0xDEAFBEEF, and others. Many of these artists are also members of our community.

Strategic Pillars

The main strategic directions for Fingerprints, as informed by its strategic plan document, are as follows:

  1. Maintain and grow a cohesive collection of significant blockchain art to obtain exposure to the kind of art we believe to be truly valuable. Curate the collection judiciously to increase the quality of the DAO’s signal and influence.

  2. Involve and grow the Fingerprints community in all activities to generate engagement, positive network effects, and authority.

  3. Live up to the expectations of the DAO model to make Fingerprints an innovative and respected institution.

  4. Utilize marketing initiatives to increase reach of the Fingerprints brand, including, but not limited to content creation and presence at both physical and digital events. Actively foster our relationship with token holders and drop holders to deliver more value.

  5. Partner with notable artists to create projects that generate revenue for the DAO (Fingerprints Studio), capturing the value generated from our work via $PRINTS.

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